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الخميس, 02 تشرين1 2014
الوظائف الشاغرة

The runaway incineration of a dead gazelle was the reason for a garbage-dump fire spreading over approximately 1500 m² at Baynunah. Three nozzles and wheel loaders affecting aisles were utilized to cordon off the affected area. It took the 20 firefighters nearly 7 hours to finally extinguish the fire.

Learning about the dangers of fire and how to act in case of fire to safe evacuate themselves and their colleagues was the subject of the day for female students of Bint Amra Bint Abdel Rahman School. Actually extinguishing a fire with portable extinguishers was an experience for most of them. The principal and students were very satisfied with the results of the Fire Drill.

A sedan car had crashed against a Palm-tree at the E 11 Motorway. The lone casualty, the driver, had to be retrieved by cutting the Palm and using heavy Hydraulic Rescue Tools.

About 3000 m² of a garbage dump area were on fire which proved difficult to extinguish. After a holding action to contain the fire aisles were opened using a wheel-loader. The flames were put out and the still smoldering fire covered with more than 4000 m³ of sand. The fire was finally extinguished after more than 8 hours.

At the E 11 a truck loaded with 30 tons of construction steel crashed into a roadside Restaurant. The building collapsed, four people got killed. The bodies had to be recovered using pneumatic lifting equipment and a crane.

Due to the heavy smoke of a flat on fire at the first floor of a residential building in Baniyas 4 persons got trapped at the second floor. An attack-team secured the persons who could remain in their room while the fire was extinguished with two 1,5 Inch nozzles. Two portable ladders were deployed, one thereof as escape way. Nobody was injured.

A working fire in a warehouse could be contained by attacks from 3 sides. The space above suspended ceiling of the building was used for storage which resulted in additional risks and difficulty to extinguish the fire. No persons were injured.

Flames engulfed the building at Airport Road from 3 sides reaching from ground floor to the 3rd storey and spreading back into the building via the windows and balconies when the first units arrived. The blaze was contained essentially to this size by up to 10 master-streams and nozzles. The search of the building discovered 8 persons who were rescued and treated by the Ambulance service. One firefighter was injured.

A fire in the escape staircase over three storeys caused tenants of the building being trapped by rapidly spreading smoke over 11 storeys. More than 25 people were rescued using smoke-hoods, some had to remain in the building under protection by firefighters. The fire was extinguished by three 1,5 inch nozzles. The smoke was removed by PPV. A baby was injured by smoke inhalation.

Due to exploding Gas-cylinders a fire in a barrack being attacked by Civil Defence Units spread to the 6th and 12th storey of a building under construction. Falling burning debris from the 12th storey’s construction material made an approach via the intermediate wooden stairway impossible. Burning beams falling imperiled the approach. The Fire was extinguished after several hours by exterior attack using a water-tower and 2,5 inch hoses from the adjacent buildings under construction. Additional German staff was called to the scene.

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