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Sunday, 21 Sep 2014

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Stations

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Stations Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Stations

The Project


The Project Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Stations - ADCD for short - differs from the other EFRC-Projects in Abu Dhabi in so far as it encompasses currently four Fire Stations on Abu Dhabi Island. Since 01.01.2009, the four most deployed Capital City Fire Stations Al Quobisat, Al Bateen, Al Madina and Mussafah are operated jointly by EFRC European Supervisors and Civil Defence forces.

The downtown City of Abu Dhabi has 860.000 inhabitants, the greater City of Abu Dhabi around 1.400.000 inhabitants.


Special Features


High-rise Fire is the biggest challenge for the fire stations on the Abu Dhabi Island. So the training is specially aimed on search and rescue operations and extinguishing fires in High Rise Buildings.

In addition, one station in the Mussfah Industrial Area is manned by our team. The focus of the training in this area is fighting fires in industrial facilities. The stations turns out directly to a passing by speed way.

Since July 2012, we also support the operations department with our team in cooperation with local officers. These command teams turn out to special incidents such as HazMat, bigger fires (two firefighting platoons) or danger for Human life or on request of the units on scene and take command or support the existing incident command.

Since 2012, the SCBA Safety & Logistics Branch is part of the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Project and located at Khalifa B fire station. Main tasks of that Branch are establishing and operating of a SCBA maintenance workshop network in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which includes Al Ain and the Western Region.

Further tasks of the SCBA Safety & Logistics Branch are:

  • coordination and logistics of SCBA equipment
  • cleaning and maintenance
  • documentation
  • SCBA Safety education for firefighters
  • training of SCBA maintenance personnel

Currently, two local firefighters are in training as SCBA maintenance personnel under the lead of a local Lt. and a European Senior Supervisor.

Training of maintenance personnel and operating of the maintenance workshop are occurring under the following regulations:

  • FWDV 7 - Atemschutz
  • BGR/GUV-R 190 - Benutzung von Atemschutzgeräten
  • AD EHSMS CoP 10 Occupational Health and Safety V 1.2 - Chapter 10.23, 10.24
  • valid manufacturer regulations




On the four Stations that currently belong to the project, there are app. 20 local and Arabic firefighters and drivers working per shift. The exact number of personnel is depending on the number of special vehicles (e.g. SCBA-Truck, Big Tanker, etc.) stationed on the Station.

The aim of the ADCD- Project is to support every shift with a European platoon leader in training and incidents.

Currently the EFRC Team at the Civil Defense Stations consists of the following Personnel:

1 Team Head

2 deputy Team heads

8 Supervisors on the Stations

5 Senior Supervisors in the Operations Department


The Shift-System is planned with 24 Hours Duty followed by 48 Hours off.




Each Fire-Station is equipped with a standard Platoon; consisting of the following Emergency Vehicles (also see “Technical Equipment”):

- 1 Command Car / Light Rescue Vehicle

- 1 Fire and Rescue truck

- 1 Tanker 7.000 l Water/ 500 l Foam fluid (not in Mussafah)


Following Emergency Vehicles are additionally stationed on the named Fire Stations:


Al Madina:

1 Skylift 54m

1 Tanker 15.000l


Al Qubisat:

1 Fire and Rescue Truck 9.000l / 500l Foam

1 Skylift 54m

1 SCBA-Truck

1 Long-Tanker 40.000l

1 Mobile Command Post

1 Ambulance

1 SupplyVehicle


Al Bateen:

1 Fire and Rescue Truck

1 Skylift 54m

1 SCBA Truck

1 Trailer with Portable Pump

1 Trailer with Jumping Cushion




1 Snorkel 54m(2 Monitors, each 3.000l/min, Piercing Tool)

1 Long tanker 40.000l

1 Tanker 17.000l

1 Low-Bed Trailer with shovel

1 Floodlight-Vehicle

2 Dump Trucks


Fire Station Al Bateen

 Fire Department Al Bateen

Fire Station Al Quobisat

 Fire Department Al Quobisat

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