Evacuation plans
An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a plan of designated actions by employers, employees, and other building occupants to ensure their safety in the event of a fire and other emergencies. Local fire and life safety enforced codes require that the plan includes, at a minimum, the following topics: procedures for the reporting of emergencies; occupant and staff response to emergencies; evacuation plans, relocation, and shelter-in-place procedures appropriate for the building, its occupancy, emergencies, and hazards, etc. The EAP service usually involves the following activities:
  • Identification of the existing emergency action plan information, if any, or gathering of information for the development of a new plan.
  • Consideration of the different types of emergencies that could happen in the facility.
  • Preparation of EAP and the design of fire drills.
  • Provision of training for employees and managers in the execution of the EAP and fire drills.
  • Execution of fire drills and/or simulation with table-top exercises.
EFRC has considerable experience in the design and execution of emergency plans for a variety of clients in the UAE.

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