Risk Assessment Planning
A Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is a process that characterizes the risks associated with fire that addresses the fire scenario or fire scenarios of concern, their probability and their potential consequences. The results of a FRA will serve to evaluate potential fire-related issues and provide guidance for resolving or mitigating them. A Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) involves reviewing the existing design gathering of the approved design information to understand the facility’s fire strategy, as well as other information such as the emergency action plan and the fire protection maintenance records. A site survey for the facility is also included to understand the type of operations, practices or fire protection systems impairments that might pose a fire risk. The above information is analyzed and, such information provides a picture of the potential fire risk of the facility. The Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) provides insight for the building owner, facilities manager or the entity responsible for the fire Safety Inspection of the building about the fire safety status of the building and what to do to mitigate the identified potential fire risks. The Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) offered by EFRC ensures that the client is a stakeholder of the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA), not only as responsible parties tasked with implementing the mitigating measures, but also so that they may actively participate in the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) of thier facility under the guidance of the fire consultant.

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