Signage is a fundamental aspect of fire and life safety so that the proper exit or fire protection equipment can be located, as stated in the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice, 2011 Edition (UFC). This is valid for any exit signage and also to ensure that the firefighting equipment is clearly identifiable, visible, and accessible.

A client that requests this service usually seeks a signage level that is above and beyond the signage level required by code because the client may have found deficiencies in the installed signage.

Fire and life safety signage consultancy services usually involve the following activities:

  • Review of approved drawings to verify that the exit signage and location of the fire protection equipment matches the locations.
  • Complete a field survey of the visible signage or the need for additional signage to verify that they are in accordance with the approved drawings or floor plans.
  • Mark up the drawings in the field to verify if the conditions match the approved drawings and address any potential non-compliances.
  • Discuss the location with the client to coordinate the proper installation.
  • Install the additional signage, if required by the client.
  • EFRC has extensive experience in this type of service in multiple types of occupancies, and is fully capable of providing the required consultancy services and required signs.

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