Drawings Approval


As define in the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence’s initial and shop drawing review code, a plan review is “the activity that Civil Defence performs to ensure the fire, life & safety features and design of a new project are in compliance with the local codes and standards.” This type of activity is completed by an approved House of Expertise, which reviews the drawing compliance with the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice (UFC) and NFPA requirements. Also, the House of Expertise verifies that the submittal complies with Civil Defence submittal requirements such as
  • The number of drawings is sufficient to comply with the submission requirement.
  • The level of contents and format of the drawings is in line with Civil Defence guidelines.
  • The design complies with the enforced code requirements.
  • For shop drawing reviews we cover all the systems that are usually included in the submission are as follows:
    • Fire detection and alarm.
    • Fire protection systems.
    • Smoke control systems.
In the event that any issue are found, the House of Expertise communicates with the client, via a report or marked-up drawings, to show the deficiencies that were found. The client should address those deficiencies in the drawing submission and submit it again to the House of Expertise. The House of Expertise then proceeds to acquire the drawing approval from Civil Defence. EFRC’s House of Expertise is currently certified to provide the above third-party review services in six Emirates. The Cladding drawings review involves reviewing the detailed cladding drawings review against the relevant provision of the current UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice and applicable NFPA requirements. The ultimate purpose of this review is to gain approval with ADCD. Cladding drawings review includes the following :
  • Review the drawings of exterior facade assembly system.
  • Conduct site survey for an evaluation of site condition for the proposed external wall assembly system
  • Review the test certificates and test reports for proposed exterior facade materials.
  • Prepare an engineering Judgement on the exterior façade wall assembly system based on the field condition and getting approval from concerned.
  • Recommend for modification on neither design nor installation as and when required as per Abu Dhabi Civil Defence.
  • Provide comments and recommendations if any to done on the existing approved drawings for the proposed exterior façade wall system proposed for the building.
  • Review and third party certification of the design drawing of exterior façade wall assembly system proposed for the building.

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